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Sounds like magic - and it kinda is. Luceo's patented Predictive Drawing™ tech lets you draw plays just like you do on a whiteboard - and watch the play animate exactly how you'd expect!

Better Presentations.
Saved Forever.

Watch the video to see how your film sessions, game notes, and coaching presentations could look today!

You can run entire remote meetings, or even virtual clinics, all from Luceo's Assist app. Show and mark up videos, animations, or just free draw ideas on a blank court - and save it all to your Luceo Coaching Portfolio!



Super simple interface to upload, create, organize, and publish content to your audience.


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The ultimate teaching tool for coaches. For iOS and Android

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NHSBCA Playbooks

Draw & Animate your playbook! iPad only

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bobby jackson headshot
This style is a great way to present yourself, layout your foundation and relationship right off the bat. The profile is in-depth, it's very educational, and it's detailed and informs people on who you are and what you stand for.
Bobby Jackson
Stockton Kings Head Coach
Ryan Saunders headshot
Luceo has streamlined and simplified everything we have done and is what I believe is the future of teaching in sports.
Ryan Saunders
NBA Head Coach
john bennett headshot
There's a solution to every issue out there - the tough part is figuring out which solution is best for each problem. With Luceo, you don't need to choose. It can become a single hub for you to manage all your assets and information securely!
John Bennett
Toronto Raptors

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Your coaching portfolio is for you - but now you can use Luceo to help your coaching staff and players stay on the same page and learn new concepts - just like the pros!

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Cody Toppert headshot
Luceo is a game changer when it comes to timeout efficiency. The ability to access play animations alongside video with instant telestration not only saves time but streamlines the ability to disseminate critical information to players. The future of the huddle is here!
Cody Toppert
Memphis Tigers Assistant Coach
Luceo is the easiest, fastest solution I've ever used. Drawing a play diagram feels natural, like drawing on a whiteboard, except everything is automatically animated! It has really sped up my workflows, and my final product is more helpful to our coaches and players!
Matt Whinrey
NBA Coach
Brandon Rosenthal headshot
Our players have retained the playbook much better than in years past from previous teams I’ve been with because of Assist! They get competitive with playing the memory games and trying to maintain their high score.
Brandon Rosenthal
Assistant Coach ASU Sun Devils