Mental Coaching Podcast

This podcast is produced and hosted by Coach Jeni Hopkins and sponsored by the National High School Basketball Coaches Association. In this podcast we will explore the mental side of sports and talk to coaches about mental preparation techniques, mental strategies, overcoming mental roadblocks such as performance anxiety and fear of failure. We will explore several topics and not just to discuss, but to explore and navigate in order to offer solutions and coping mechanisms that can assist coaches and athletes to reach their highest potential.

MosT recent Episodes:

Keith Guttin, Joey Hawkins - July 3, 2024 - Passing the Torch on the diamond

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Featured Episodes:

Coach Dave Archer, National High School Basketball Coaches Association Executive Director


In this episode, we catch up with the National High School Basketball Coaches Association Founder and Executive Director Coach Dave Archer. Coach Archer's passion for supporting and advocating for athletes and coaches is unmatched and his many accolades verify that. His philosophy, and name of his textbook, is "Beyond the X's and O's", as he expresses the vital piece of coaching is caring about your athletes and being genuine with how you feel about them. A tough and successful athlete and coach, his philosophy has made an impact on players and coaches across the country. Take notes...this one is tremendous.

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Coach Sundance Wicks, University of Wyoming


Buckle up! This coach has some energy! Coach Wicks uses his experience and passion for athletes and the game of basketball to impact all that come in contact with him. His energy is contagious. His love for his players and how he uses basketball to inspire life lessons is motivational. You won’t be able to sit still with this one!

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Coach Amy Eagan, Drury University Women’s Basketball


No stranger to major on the court success, Coach Amy Eagan does a tremendous job expressing the importance of monitoring athletes and supporting them through their journey on, and off, the court. The fact is simple, care about your players and care about them as humans. Spectacular interview and insights!

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Coach Mike Neighbors, University of Arkansas Women’s Basketball


Our first episode! What a guest! Coach Mike Neighbors is an energetic and motivational FORCE. His love for his players and their well being shines through. He is the perfect example of coaching people, not just players. His success and buy-in from his players tells it all. Get a pad and pencil, you will need it!

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