Pat Carroll

Pat Carroll has been involved coaching and promote high school basketball. Pat has served in many capacity in High School Basketball – Head Boys Coach, Varsity Boys Assistant Coach, Freshmen Boys Coach and Middle School Coach. He worked and hosted numerous basketball camps during his career.

Pat has been an active member of the OHSBCA for the past 28 years. His resume with the OHSBCA is extensive. He has served in many capacities of the organization, always striving for the best of the organization. He was a common fixture at the Fall and Spring Coaches Workouts in the Mid 1990’s. He served in every capacity, from coaching, officiating, registration and organization of the event. Pat then partnered with Larry Wilson to organize and improve the Association Newsletter – Hooplines. He was named the Assistant Hooplines Editor in 1996. Today, twenty years later, Hooplines is a top-notch publication that promotes, communicates and honors the happenings of Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association.

As we approached the turn of the century, the OHSBCA turned to Pat to bring the organization to the web. He was named Webmaster in 2000 and has taken the association to the internet. Information, communication, awards and the history of the organization have been placed on the web. In 2005, Pat attended his first NHSBCA Summer Meeting held in Indianapolis. Through his participation in this event, Ohio has benefitted by implementing the great ideas that other State Association have done. One of the ideas was a Showcase for Underclassman. In his willingness to promote Ohio Basketball, Pat was named Co-Director of the Boys Top 100 Showcase in 2006, a position in which he held for the ten years. The showcase was design to feature the top 100 underclassman in the state and put them through an organized program for college coach to evaluate players.

Pat has been instrumental with Larry Wilson of organizing and researching the history of the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association. They started the “Year In Review” edition of Hooplines which gives a detail account of the history of the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association. In 2010, Pat was named the Treasurer of the OHSBCA succeeding, the legendary Wayne Wiseman who held the positon for 34 years. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Association and has been instrumental in moving the Association forward.