NHSBCA 2022 Season Kick-Off Messages


Rise to Win

High School Basketball Coaches play an integral role in creating a fair and inclusive environment for our sport. While the impact of racism in sports and coaching can be far-reaching, so too can the effects of anti-racism coaching education.

RiseToWin is an organization that will assist our coaches and members of the basketball community to: 

  • Build their knowledge of issues related to race and racism  that affect coaching 
  • Expand their understanding of what it means to be an anti-racist coach, and 
  • Cultivate the skills needed to support racialized participants in our sport. 


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Reflections on Coaching and Leadership

Join Ken Barrett, Wisconsin rep. to the National High School Basketball Coaches Association, and Tom Thibodeau, distinguished professor of Servant Leadership at Viterbo University as they share with us reflections on Coaching and Servant Leadership. We hope to inspire and inform, to engage and encourage you in your life as Servants and Leaders as members of our communities. This video was recorded at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

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Mental Coaching

A tidbit on the mental side of the game, plus a reminder for coaches to take care of themselves during the season!